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Event videography is the art of capturing social and special events on camera. It gives an authentic touch to your communication as it’s all about capturing live moments and transcribes this true and magical feeling on screen. It’s definitely a great tool to communicate about your event after it happened.

The Colour Rush Teignmouth - Rowcroft Hospice (May 2018)

During events, there is no second chance to take the right shots. Their is no retake possible. If you miss the moment, you miss it forever. Trusting a video production like Les As Frenchies to create your event video is the most secure way to get the result you’re looking for.

There are a million things to worry about when you plan an event. If video production is one of those things, let us handle it for you and provide you with high standard marketing material to advertise your next event.

The Colour Rush (May 2018)

The Colour Rush Teignmouth - Rowcroft Hospice (May 2018)

The Colour Rush (May 2018)

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