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Many people travel the world and record a lot of magical moments during their adventure. As soon as they get back home, they excitingly upload all of their footage onto their computer and... never watch them again. If you’re one of these people, we’ve got the perfect solution for you: send all of your footage to Les As Frenchies. As content creators, we will bring all of your memories back to life in the most powerful way possible. Learn more about our travel video editing service [Filmed By You] by clicking on the video below.

What's Filmed By You? Keeping memories alive forvever through videos?

Our travel video editor doesn’t just create a travel video with your footage. Filmed By You is more than that. It’s a piece of your memory that will serve as something that you can look back on for years to come. Travel videography is all about keeping memories alive forever.

You're about to travel the world and need some video tips? Contact Les As Frenchies. We will send you some tips to help you to record your travel video with your GoPro, camera or even your smartphone. 


Capture the greatest moment of your life. We will create a timeless piece of memory for you. Today's moments are tomorrow's memories.

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Our packages

Choose the package that fits you best.

  • Basic Edit
    • Revision x1
    • Edit up to 2min*
  • Intermediary Edit
    • Revision x2
    • Edit up to 3 min*
    • Transitions & Effects
    • Colour Correction
  • Advanced Edit
    • Revision x2
    • Edit up to 4 min*
    • Transitions & Effects +
    • Colour Correction
    • Text Animation
    • Instagram story x1
  • Advanced Edit ++
    • Revision x2
    • Edit up to 5min*
    • Transitions & Effects ++
    • Colour Correction
    • Text Animation
    • Instagram story x1
    • Sound Effects

* The final edit can be shorter. Subject to the quantity of raw footage received.
Minute of editing or additional revision: 50€

How to get started?

  • 1.Choose the most suitable editing pack for you
  • 2.Send your footage using the button below and don't forget to put your name, surname, email address and package selected.
  • 3.We will confirm the reception of your footage and send the invoice which specifies the package selected.
  • 4.As soon as the payment is received we will start working on your video
  • 5.Within a few days. Your timeless piece of memory will arrive. 



Let us now which package you would like to select and a little description of your project. Once uploaded send your videos to

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